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Thank you for considering a donation to KABAS! Your support is invaluable to us, and we are deeply grateful for your generosity.


As a nonprofit school, KABAS relies on the kindness of donors like you to sustain our daily operations and provide essential resources to our students, families, and teachers.To streamline the donation process and ensure that your contribution directly benefits our school community, we have made some updates.


If you would like to receive a donation packet containing more information about KABAS, a donation form, a postage-paid envelope for your convenience, a classroom supply list, and stay updated with our school's newsletter, please check the appropriate boxes below. By doing so, you give us permission to email and mail you additional information, updates, and our quarterly newsletter.


Your continued support enables us to foster academic and behavioral success in our students, and we are truly grateful for your partnership in our mission.Thank you again for your consideration and generosity.

Make a Difference Today: Donate to KABAS

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